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About Ase Narratives

The term "ase" (pronounced ah-shay) is a West African philosophical concept widely used in the African diaspora. Originating with the Yoruba people of Nigeria, in English ase means the "power to create change."

At Ase Narratives we believe we all have the power to change the narratives that are harming out society. We believe in changing these narratives through stories. We assist our clients in telling the story of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) at their organization, companies, or in their communities. Together, we then reflect on what can be learned and how growth can come from a better understanding of their story. From there, we partner with our clients move forward on their equity & justice journey, moving from DEI to DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) and DEIJA (Diveristy, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Antiracism). This forward motion is made possible through the creation of a new narrative; one that centers equity & justice.

Our unique, holistic approach uses data collection (often focused on oral storytelling), internal audits, and more to assist our clients in moving beyond performativity to a place of authenic, lasting positive change. Through addressing the ways institutional, cultural, and structural oppression manifests in organizations, companies, and communities, we are able to co-create a plan of action that begins to dismantle intersectional oppression at all of levels, leading to workplaces and communities that are more equitable and just, where all people can thrive.

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Core Values

Ase Narratives exists to help bring about the liberation of all people through our DEIJA work. We use an abolitionist lens founded on the work of Black women & femmes and it is their works that lay the foundation for our Core Values.

At Ase Narratives, we believe that:

  • All things are intersectional

  • Positive change is possible on an individual, communal, organizational, and societal level

  • Empathy is key to lasting, positive change

  • Respect and authenticity make effective dialogue possible

  • Discomfort is essential to DEIJA work

  • Equity & justice work is a journey, not a destination

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*Due to COVID-19, all services are being offered virtually until further notice to prioritize the safety of our team and clients


Our Holisitc Package

For Organizations, Companies, Nonprofits, and Schools

Wherever you are on your DEIJA journey, Ase Narratives is ready to partner with you to help you move forward on your equity & justice path. Using our unique narrative-based approach, we utilize an array of tools including oral history-focused qualitative data collection, internal audits, visioning & strategy sessions, workshops, and more to craft a customized, comprehsive plan suited to your individual needs.

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Community Education & Activism

For communities

At Ase Narratives, we have a special place in our hearts for courageous communities engaging in equity & justice work. Our founder, Stephanie Seales, has years of experience as a community educator and activist and brings the same passion and creativity she uses in her own activism to our client communities. As with everything we do, we tailor our approach to our clients needs. From helping craft creative community events to deep dives into your community's equity & justice history, we're ready to help your community move forward on your equity & justice path.

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Speaking Engagements

Deep Dialogues

Book Ase Narratives' award-winning founder and principal, Stephanie Seales, as a speaker at your next event! Stephanie is an experienced public speaker who has been featured at many events, as well as on radio and visual broadcasts.

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Stephanie Seales

Founder & President

Stephanie Seales is an award-winning equity & justice advocate and the founder and principal of Ase Narratives. An experienced community activist and educator, Stephanie often heard friends lament the lack of depth in the “diversity trainings” required at their workplaces. She heard that people wanted to see their organizations/companies/communities to be more equitable & just spaces, but were frustrated that the diversity trainings they were offered weren’t meeting their needs. These trainings also didn't allow space for emotional response. Having been disappointed by such trainings herself, Stephanie realized that workshops alone don't create lasting, postive change. She then reflected on her own experience as a grassroots community activist and educator and asked herself what made her equity & justice-centered events successful. A common thread emereged: connecting with people on an emotional level through stories. Stephanie took this knowledge and her passion for stories, equity, and justice and grew them into Ase Narratives.

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